Saturday, April 16, 2011

Noel Gourdin

"Fresh" This is exactly what this album embodies. Through Noel Gordin's musical contributions, we may find a spot for contemporary R&B in today's world of uptempo R&B often infused with either Hip Hop or Pop (and don't get me wrong I love Trey Songz, Jeremih and The-Dream) but it's just refreshing to have these really soft, soulful singers as well; ones such as Ryan Leslie, J. Holiday and Lyfe Jennings. You have to have both sides of the spectrum to be able to successfully diagnose what it is we call "R&B" nowadays. In modern times an immense amount of creativity goes into today's works, we just have so many genres that can be intertwined to make a successful combination...but i'm definately not saying that Marvin Gaye & Al Green didn't have creativity, because that would just be a mistake to say all together! That's enough talking, ill just leave you with the songs that stuck out to me the most through listening to this amazing album!!! "Been A Long Time", "Beautiful" and "Not Around" ...And non the less, the more I listen to this album, i'll probably find some hidden gems that I failed to recognize the first go round and end up liking them more than almost ALWAYS happens! I hope you guys enjoy this:)
1) In Love
2) Puppet
3) Beautiful
4) Brand New (Fresh)
5) Not Around
6) Been A Long Time
7) Only You
8) Save Your Love
9) Change For You
10) Assurance Policy
11) Young Love
12) Sex In The City
13) No Regrets
14) Wanna Get Close

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